very serious men logging on to write

i see you in the top-of-screen line, one by one, your serious professional faces; i am above and to the side, and next to, here to see through the structure of our separateness and individual efforts; of course each gallery is perfect, your voice is perfect, your perspective as complete as your limitations and exhaustions allow; perhaps I am still laughing about the absurdity of money and capitalism, wondering if one wins by just moving their awareness beyond it, knowing it’s always in the background, is the blue blood pumping through our veins (loss and possibility, twinned) — money always available if you know how to see and ask; earning always the outcome of a negotiation about roles and superiority, and who is the teacher, who needs help; it’s beautiful: the economy springs from helplessness and incapacity, and a capacity to admit and accept one sucks at some things someone else is good at; so it is an exchange economy, with a gift economy grafted on or floating above—one can give for free or one can work/sell/trade; one can be generous and stingy



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Geoffrey Lewis

filling the blinking cursor with whatever comes up, letting the leviathan lead me to glory, singing popular music covers on video on Smule too, speaker, rambler