treatise ingredients: workplace communication, cognitive sovereignty

🎨 cecile perra

this came into my feed today and I started writing a reply:

video…it’s just a live writing process that’s bad and takes up everybody’s time. it’s spiritually offensive, no wonder everyone on Twitter complains about being drained afterward: it’s standing at attention for someone working out their rough draft. People need to detach personality and situation…by that I mean, you need to think and write 2x (10x) more than you need to speak — it’s mostly brain work. It’s KNOWLEDGE work, after all: it’s seeing, knowing, deciding, sketching out situations…it can happen silently much faster than it can over video; live video or audio is a very bad way for brains to communicate.

Save video for relationship-building and rapport, but learn how to talk from a distance as brains.

One of my struggles in the workplace was being thrown onto teams with people I didn’t know and we were expected to do interesting work. No way. I need a primer for people’s brains who I work with: I need to know what they’ve read, who they admire…we need to establish a common brain/imagination/thinking language. Video drags in ego, appearance, impatience, insecurity, needing to appear to be working and fulfilling their role…social signaling. It’s a costly waste of time and doesn’t help the work, and just leaves everyone drained.

Dealing with a situation alone is most of “the work” — it’s understanding what to do. The information is all there, the knowledge backlogged; video (and speech generally) is mostly a delaying and procrastinating on research, writing and organizing your own thoughts. Other people don’t need to be present for that; other people should be free to be doing their own work.

what a workplace needs is respect, and something like cognitive sovereignty.



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