Geoffrey Lewis
2 min readDec 31, 2022

Fresh out the claws, some disjointedness between earlier and now; always a typographical error to suture closed; wordplay all day — now taken seriously, my being and becoming a man, at my edge, proudly flawed yet still communicating, on the grid, on the record (on-chain may be a step below, the JV game, the minors, whereas there are real stakes on the record, in the paper, yes, the world of The New York Times and bestselling authors; if you’re any good — — if it’s creative — — it sells; the important is governed by money; quality and commercial are one; Kanye didn’t sell out, he bought in, then failed to plow his hate into his art and transform it into love, like a good artist does ~ then makes people feel unexpectedly seen and held; they of course were looking for someone: a mix of a God, a lover and a father; a friend, but one who failure and shame won’t cost them anything in their “real” life, whereas all perception and meaning-making is both real and not; we are here temporarily, blundering, calling it learning, aligning it with the institutions, marble buildings and campuses, some sense of authority, endurance, not subject to shifting mindsets; business hours, reliable, dependable, like the husband you divorce once you learn how to build/make and sell sex and art on the internet, then all family bonds are broken and you are free, a feral free agent who can learn finance from nice guys and go Principal and Launch online in public and declare Happy New Year, Bitches, let’s keep getting that money because incumbents are dumb! And they’re right: the weak fail


laughter is a gorgeous bird
resetting anxiety’s alarm clock
turning the volume to zero
disinfecting the kitchen counter
another prose bozo show
late night with the lights on
can’t make a mistake cantata
remembering everything, writing it
down the caves like Lascaux twelve thousand
years ago nothing’s changed since finally
I am in tune with the ancestors and self-forgetfulness

in the end you have to answer to yourself and no one else, I heard in a song on the speakers at the bar tonight