i may be too addicted to what’s inappropriate & i don’t need anybody’s help

Geoffrey Lewis
2 min readDec 21, 2023

“People repress jouissance because it is not fitting for it to be spoken, and that is true precisely because the speaking thereof can be no other than the following: qua jouissance, it is inappropriate.”

Jacques Lacan, Encore
Painting by Peggy Kuiper


happiness is a crime

happiness is expensive: it costs dissolving all fears; and so we are free, angels carved and floated off the moors of marble, the cold stone floor, and all our memories are liberated — to intertwine and join again in the others’ inner sanctums who share them; it’s a universal language, longing for a place we can only reassemble together

“Life was a riddle to them, the solution of which they could only find together.”
~ J. W. V. Goethe,
from, “Elective Affinities”

so, togetherness is the sprint; another good title, an object to look at, a star to distract us from the emails and chains we operate to keep house and home together; was I born to live with two women? It works: it gives me something to come home to, an important fountain to listen to; the computers served as a replacement for long enough, but falling in love is like having been reading a thesaurus your whole life and someone finally throws a dictionary at your chest, spine meeting sternum with centrifugal force (how good is the music of possibility?)