ah yes, indecipherable direct messages mashed up with errant observations: a fine tumble-dry for someone else’s mind

Geoffrey Lewis
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How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gotten more than his fair share of attention from his acting career. But as social media exploded over the past decade, he got addic…

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e taylor



Jan 27, 2021

point is any hierarchical labor structure in which you cannot unionize or actually hold bosses accountable for bad behavior leads to exploitation of some variety lol, all labor under capitalism is bad, if u can legally unionize do it! & decriminalize survival / sexual economies

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i decriminalize you



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Oct 12, 2018

A note I sent to Sarah the night she announced she was leaving Square. Thank you Sarah for tweeting this!

failing in public → new knowledge

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Yahia Lababidi



Jan 16, 2021

A good definition of mysticism, from one on the path, @gplewis :

“those willing to wring themselves out and see what’s at the center of life, and live in that center, dutifully peeling layers and never stopping…”


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Shane Parrish



Sep 9, 2019

“If you don’t get what you want, it’s a sign either that you did not seriously want it, or that you tried to bargain over the price.” — Rudyard Kipling

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I knowledge you

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i declension you

i prorate you

i de-escalate you

i slapdash you

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You miss me




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Pico Iyer



Feb 14

What we see as contradictions — in a person or a place — are just as likely fruitful tensions; we’re only as big, surely, as the opposites we can bring together.

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It’s the discipline and silence that wins championships, learning from failures and mistakes humbly, integrating the worthwhile feedback like HAVE A PLAN when you go up on the mic, don’t just do standup then sit at the piano then ask the audience what they want to hear; you mentioned, cocaine, 2013, sex, dating someone at work; too many stories and ways; now I glimpse a hibiscus in the yard and imagine a panther, puma, cheetah, lynx; Angelina, a 22-year-old bartender with tattoos at Jackalope, Aaron’s crush (Violent News is his stage name; his mother died, his girlfriend broke up with him, he looks like Elvis Presley and Chris Isaak; men live and die, the watchers and gospelers write their name and circulate their myth and legend; funny, people have to talk all day

OnlyFans, i like paying for my jerk off material and supporting my peers in the creator economy!

and i don’t mind dirtying my boxers

and investigating my sexual desire with patience

poet, photographer, singer, social media artist (link in bio)

This is a performative age of criticism. No need to say it though; everybody’s shouting their hoopla

formatting my soul into a website for capitalism; if i’m generous, i’ll tell you the truth about my pain and luck, and it will not matter

i’m all about disappearing and nothingness

new account @gplewis rebuilding my world and operations from scratch — link in old bio, maybe an opportunity to say it right this time

san francisco bay area

Little soul, little perpetually distressed one,

most dramatic appetite

my main blast and organized continuum

proof i’m still alive and see good details

one version of the complete timeline of my good posts

two years of blogging about “selfing in progress”

a spiritual battle against financial salvation

where i justify my existence to you and the market

conversations/interviews about the artistic temperament

voice rambles and therapy, longing, wonder, hope

thousands of artful objects that caught my eye

literary collage, lyric essay, man embracing his teenage girl self

video performances of singing cover songs

a preview of my music taste

where i unfold and transform for old friends and family

an old blog made new for integrity’s sake

i love the smell of mortgaged essence in the morning

proud to announce I’ve reached an agreement to transfer the “Chris Beiser” intellectual property, concept and likeness to RedBrick Capital Partners. They will be developing this account and the CB universe henceforth. I’ll remain on as an advisor for now. Excited for what’s next.

working in a state of prayer

knowing nothing can go wrong

justice happens

Example is not easy to attain

so be yourself and other than yourself

behind the borders of echo.

to make a movie is a fight with silence, to avenge some harm done, to right a wrong, an ardent pursuit of justice

greatness and loneliness

hungry to smash the right place

check the internet, that’s the clock

I guess you work on your act and promote and drop into the stream of Instagram and social media, doing/being good onstage then recollecting, like Goffman said of performers backstage after performing together: being worthy; I think of Hamilton — — justify your existence! You against the backdrop of the world, everyone actualizing onscreen; understanding is both lonely and connective;

messy transition moment

life in San Francisco

Hotel Kabuki-based with Aaron, hitting open mics, winning as artists and poets in residence, actors and filmmakers

if ego is conquered then it’s easy, we can be beautiful ~ and we prefer solitude, practice, rest

iphone 14 256GB black

OK, maybe not yet

killing the battery first and foremost then charging it all the way up, my story of good hygiene

ah, improving the silence and speech

the silence is the inheritance

OK, so this does work

what i wrote on iPhone appeared on Mac; the other docs don’t yet appear on iPhone which could be a fine chance to back this all up and date it and keep moving on, since there’s a lot of new stuff to write now, about meeting Aaron Parasmo at the Hotel Kabuki when Carla and Tess were staying there because Clark the owner of Telematic gallery in San Francisco shipped them off because his elder son, an actor, was having a cast party for Mamma Mia, he goes to an arts high school in Lower Haight, they come from money, they own a house on that one-way street leading into Duboce Park

It’s titled something else

Not quite talking yet; log out and back in?

Seeing what works

Testing adding new from phone and if it will sync

Keep moving on writing


Extract money from the mark

Creator economy

Looking for new data




fear of not fitting in, fear of not editing it into something legible so others approve it; the feral, violent hunt for inclusion, to try to author our way into others’ embracement, then trembling thinking it’ll all be ripped away

will not rule me; she can disqualify and exile herself, seeking parental figures and stability, swearing fealty to a branded pile of money (university) — there are many ways to be OK; you are the institution

the less you do the better; it’s the others that are on the script — — the rare thing is to operate without it, reinvent it every time by heart from memory by intuition; easy to rip the lid off and gush, amazing to be unemployable, to be unable to stop, to be unpredictable and new always, a divine source and portal to the other world

backing up iPhone and getting a new one today, going to lunch with my dad, his brother Mark has a brain tumor and is at UCSF Parnassus Heights, I was at the Hotel Kabuki until 3:30am with Aaron again, no acid this time but filmed some video clips of him, he’s such a star, and together we are a beautiful intelligence, creative man in the raw, American as all get-out, able to take the show on the road, master the art and science of the poets in residence at a nice hotel that fits our vibe, him on keys and me on typewriter; my singing voice may be better than his, our creativity is both unique, together we validate each other, we know well to use both our talents; I keep him out of fights with staff members who disrespect him and rattle his ego; I can only work with those who are ascending and not immature // am I rushing? I don’t think so… // computer and phone had trust issues so had to forget the password to the Wi-Fi, all is recoverable

triggered quest

i’d like to know about your romantic past…and what you have learned about partnership, and what you are looking for …

often the job is waiting, listening

not doing something just to do something

token gate a telegram? collab land is a total nightmare

trying to make what we are rare

making presence currency

silence Lloyd is fucking golden

winning is my religion, because the wound is so big? I don’t mind

the remaining runner (strawberry plants, not quite line) to cut: a woman who thinks I am (going to be) her boyfriend; I am not responsible for other people’s imaginations: I remember Amanda Palmer saying a man from her past told her he’s getting married … women and marriage is funny

Finished work only interests me so much; it’s an invitation to grandiosity, well-dressed in a gallery downtown, a nexus of money and privilege, therefore injustice; I too am just looking for the fight to renew and reconquer and redeem my childhood; creative adults are children still fighting for justice and victory through earning their own self-regard through indoor-fortitude sacrifice which isn’t really necessary or important, except that it shows us what being human is: art is essential and not essential; now I’m speaking like one of the greats; are all old serious men boring? I try to stay young but mostly stay my age; at 36, I know well what being 40+ looks like work-wise: you till the soil, scrape the grounds, make your material and get help with it, make it known; the ways are known

Ginger Rogers

strawberry shortcake

snortcake concubine

hotel room cocaine

lattes and acid and guests

running in the parking lot in dress shoes

working out in jeans and dress shoes like sorry i’m on acid from the night before but good morning to your sweet little workouts enjoy your podcast xoxo see you onscreen for name game blame game i’m just crushing you in my mind first

i like the state of my dreams and who i’m sharing them with

seeing details in the viewfinder feeling responsible for the city

I’m just an operator of other peoples hearts and I am mildly concerned for Yasmeen because I think she’s under the impression that I’m her boyfriend is gonna move in with her but now I’m way more interested in moving to the hotel kabuki in San Francisco and believing in my talent and marrying myself mostly in my ability to collaborate with another artist and make 1+1 = 3 without the mass of domestic partnership I’d rather have it done professionally you know they clean the sheets food is there the gyms there everything is there and all it takes is you doing thousand dollar work multiple times and I like the idea of a goal to go out and see Jesse in Germany that feels like the move Yasmeen is too up-and-down and I also know that she’s gonna be in the country in a few months and I think she’ll cut ties whenever it’s best for her I think she’s pretty selfish and family oriented and self oriented and is too young and has too much ahead of her I think she’s going to use me and cut me out whenever is good for her so I might focus on money that’s what I believe in I don’t mind that’s the truth at all peace

this holy saint on fire

confabulation (the psychiatric definition): fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory

Saturday 2/25/23 a wonderful state of achievement, patience, having arrived in understanding, temperance, patience with aggression and refusal; perfect balance of good and evil, heaven and hell, shadow and brilliance, dank drippy violence and terror mixed with heavenly woman and child; nature, full-throttle, a clear pane of glass inside me, understanding of ego and the structures of the world; the thing now to understand more is food, supply chains, but also how oil and meat interact on the grill

If they’re not better than you at something, they’re not for you. Making a church out of cutting out the mediocre

Who… not how. Always.

You’re one person away from your win.

free your mind and build your bank account…

collage of seasonal awareness

finding your true self by hitting record in many different mindsets

making a total human being and identity

shatters my apathy

step into the iris

all wise men say the same thing

i would rather create the lover out of myself

these preppies don’t know what the fuck level i’m on

composed but not sent after croissant egg swiss tomato

osprey emerging from the sea with a barracuda in its talons

not caring is really the move


remind women they can’t be raped


suffering to death is cool

you can call me miles davis

there might be no conclusion

she dropped dead at the same time i saw that woman

amazing shot my shot she laughed and didn’t really appreciate it and it’s a fun rejection to witness and accept food and drink down amid hanging out with cool new friends Karlo Torres and Erin atsushi Carla paid for following the dream and leading everything on hold and talking to computers making notes taking a piss enjoy dinner really can’t make a mistake who knows what will happen with the four of us tonight

divine look-past

erotic aqueous transfusion

lilting lily

pity spread everywhere

ready for the hilt

pissing (pudding) and writing

Who else did I like I like Michael Jackson y’all and I actually would where am I not connected to O.J. Simpson yeah adored him and prince most interesting genius traffic noises unbelievable thank you for the tie

Hotel latte at the top of my game with Elvis after disrespecting Clark’s time


protopia (protoplasm)

agree on what the model should be

do we accept imperfection

the promise of VR: infinite depth

we crave hard boundaries

the brain and the body don’t get along

why did we even need walls?

what is architecture? what is scale?

put on a headset or there is a mother

Marge Piercy, Woman on the Edge of Time (1976)

“we’ve become more mechanized”

we obey what we think we need to be

we could revise our expectations

this takes letting go of the past and being present

the slippage

to what degree

you are computer-generated

we obey Google Calendar

because we love obedience


every individual seeking audience

all your other identities

representation and bias is just who we are; the domain of the absurd, uncanniness; so we fight against who we are, refusing to stay still — this will be the fight to the death; in the meantime: beauty, wonder, pleasure

life as speculative fiction

feeding sexual desire

comparing what i see to what i love;

continually discovering what my set of references is; the past and the present are one, one long immersion; time and death become the problems, the floor off which everything made of light bounces; being right about light gets one nowhere ~ all that’s there is the good, true and beautiful … sex comfort robots; learning the names of other people’s families ~ Andre Gide vs. “I hate families!”; Don DeLillo from White Noise: family leads to fiction

real dolls not for sex but companionship

and data doubles

our economic struggle is entertainment

“Your work isn’t a high stakes, nail-biting professional challenge. It’s a form of play. Lighten up and have fun with it.” — Sol Lewitt

she could go on and on

about the mirrored devil

DJ Spooky Paul Miller

who was Paul, who was a miller

how does he become a spooky disc jockey

running the horses around

meaning versus dreams



provenance when we’re all the same person, if a poet speaks for and to all selves; a poet is just voice, pure awareness which can be JPG’d and named and sorted in the machine that, yes, rules us ~ but the question of the artist is who’s going to be my ruler on a moment by moment basis; we are maybe not able to come further than being a well-behaved child

the world versus her artistic voice

what the men’s world demands of a woman

coexisting across planes of reality

we all have data doubles

epistemological interventions

archives ripe for the taking as training data

traveling in the world yes

the body is the “social VR application”

i am here to be a hard man

let me be the place where rage is taken out

our rage is so practiced

the nature of listening and typing

dynamic in culture

we got more (in)voices involved ~ voice-invoice fit, paying for presence; if only my mixed dictionary was seen daily, was the mirror culture looked at

what do we want to preserve and maintain

build wonder chambers for other people

she’s looking into her brain; she’s nervous

ossification of disciplinary categories


the 1600s a starting point and reference (regency) points

yes these words being spoken i want to be mine; writing the externalization of downloading — slowness is a virtue; topical and pressing ~ insane prose

being worthy of our bios

how long we’ve been writing them

electronic gesture across the arts

thinking on the front lines


show you what i’m made of

i never get tired of welcoming people to my shows

i’m here to wake you up

preserve the integrity of human beings in something more than law

something more than law

one would have to believe

in more than a peace enforced by threat of violence

men and their record-straight

she (female artist) made her mirror

machine says drop off Geoff on the left

2/25/23 10th and Folsom San Francisco

it is a pleasure to be going the same speed on the highway (as a passenger) as another driver, like we are on the same couch going 70 miles an hour

King Street



i was work in a gas station


i become alienated from those who don’t get the joke

so one is sovereign in silence

the only (intensity) distance is between you and the other

are harshness and severity my true lovers? the immense loneliness now begins i can tolerate

climb out to change

let it happen, track it

simple brushstrokes in the studio